The mountains are calling & I must go & I will work while I can, studying incessantly.
John Muir, 1873

My wandering is a privilege and a joy. It’s also work: physically and intellectually demanding work that fuels my writing and teaching.

I am an outdoor educator–a naturalist and wilderness guide. I have led clients and students through rugged terrain since 2007, logging over 30,000 professional in-field hours in the United States and abroad. No sketch of my education is complete until I ink in my outdoor leadership background; it shapes my identity, my teaching, and my writing indelibly.

Solo cross-country travel through the Sierra Nevada mountains is part of my migratory pattern. I engage with the “Range of Light” differently each year, deepening and challenging my understanding of the natural and human histories that shape this legendary terrain.

The above photos were snapped with my trusty and still-kicking iPhone 5.